Phoenix Scouts
of Great Britain

Phoenix Scouts of Britain is a wholly independent traditional Scouting organisation and registered charity (number ???????). We are committed to living at all times by the values which are embodied in the Scout Promise and Law outlined by Lord Baden-Powell in Scouting for Boys.  

We aim to be open, honest and democratic in all we do, and devolve responsibility to individual Scout Groups wherever possible. Phoenix Scout Groups may be registered as charities in their own right, or operate under our umbrella charity registration.


Phoenix Scout Groups operate in England and Wales and have friendly relationships with other Scouting organisations throughout the British Isles, Europe and worldwide. We believe that friendly international relationships in Scouting will help to create a better sustainable life style for our members.


Phoenix Scouts is open to all who accept the Scout Promise and Law (or equivalent for youth members under the age of 11). Youth sections operate with the names, programmes and age ranges of Scouting in the UK pre 1966 with the addition of a Beaver section. Sections are:

  • Beavers               aged 5 to 8
  • Wolf Cubs          aged 8 to 11
  • Scouts                  aged 11 to 15
  • Senior Scouts    aged 15 to 18


Adult members of the Association may be warranted and uniformed Scouters, non-uniformed assistants, or Rover Scouts. Rover Scouts are a uniformed brotherhood of the open air, who commit to a motto of service both to their brothers in Scouting and in their wider lives. Rover Scouts may also hold a warrant as a Phoenix Scouter.